Our Policy


At present PLAN B does not apply to hospitality however we are conscious, with the increase of cases with emerging variants, that there is a certain amount of nervousness about going out - we are operating as follows

Social Distancing

There are a number of different areas in the pub and we continue to use them all, regardless of the numbers,

to ensure that tables are well spaced.

Please say if you have any particular concerns and we will do our best to seat you in a less crowded areas.


Larger Tables

We are happy to take a larger group, provided the Well Room is available for a Private Dining style experience.


Hand Sanitiser

There is hand sanstiser by the front door and in the loo's and we ask you to continue with good practice and use it (or your own) and to be considerate to other guests


Face masks


The wearing of Face Masks remains discretionary within hospitality and at this time we do not wish to dictate that  staff or guests wear them.


However, we are conscious that wearing a mask does give a large number of people an added level of reassurance in their fight against Covid-19.


Whilst a number of staff have chosen not wear a mask as standard, all staff (except those exempt) will have a mask in their pocket  so please don't hesitate to ask them to pop it on.

Table Service


We welcome you ordering and paying for drinks at the bar -  however to avoid a huddle of people in one spot we would like to continue to deliver them to your table.

At this time we will still be asking you, if you are enjoying drinks inside the pub, to continue to stay seated and to not congregate at the bar